Meet the farmers!

So I thought for our first blog post I would introduce the farmers of Hoddinott Acres.

Kalli Mier: Kalli is 23 and was born and raised in a small town just south of Mackinaw City. She met her fiance Matt while attending Michigan State University. At MSU she received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She is now a third grade teacher and of course a farmer. Kalli is the reason Hoddinott Acres also has boer goats as she is a self professed “crazy goat lady.”

Matt Hensley: Matt is 27 and born and raised in Lenawee county. He attended Michigan State University and received his bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management. At MSU he also met his fiance Kalli. Matt is now the teachers assistant, and FFA advisor for the agri-tech class in Lenawee County. Matt has raised sheep most of his life and is now the sheep leader for the Rome Blue Ribbons 4H club.

Harvey Warrick: Harvey is originally from Ohio and was a professor at Ohio State University. He and his wife Rose started their own farm in Lenawee county raising Lincoln and Suffolk sheep. He and Rose were leaders in the Rome Blue Ribbons 4H club for many years where they met Matt. When Matt and Kalli moved back to Lenawee county Harvey helped them get the start they needed by proposing that they all start the farm up together again. This proposal turned into Hoddinott Acres.


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